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Kroop’s 美國製眼鏡族專用防護鏡

Kroop’s 美國製眼鏡族專用防護鏡

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這種新設計足夠大,可以戴在任何一副眼鏡上,但又足夠小,可以與頭盔、安全帽配合使用,包括大多數自行車頭盔與安全帽。它的頂部有小通風孔,以幫助防止起霧。 本商品為個人貼身用品,會接觸人體口鼻,依《消費者保護法》規定,經拆封取出商品即視同試用,恕無法辦理退貨。我們也絕不會把別人用過的產品再賣給消費者。 退回之商品必須保有商品本體、配件、贈品、原廠包裝等之完整性,如有因不當使用造成的損壞或痕跡恕無法辦理退貨。


The VFR goggles are a smaller version of our original OTE (Over The Eyeglasses) goggles. We created the original in the 1970s to satisfy the demands of a growing sky diving population who couldn't enjoy the view while they were jumping. This new design is large enough to fit over most any pair of eyeglasses yet it's small enough to work with helmets including most, if not all, bicycle helmets. It has small vent holes in the top to help prevent fogging. About Kroop’s


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