• Introduction to eSIM

eSIM (Embedded-SIM), also known as "embedded SIM card" or "virtual SIM card". Unlike traditional network cards that are removable, which need to be inserted into the card slot of the mobile device to be used, eSIM adopts a "virtual" form. Users only need to scan the exclusive QR Code to set up, and the card can be directly inserted into the mobile phone. You don't need to insert another physical card to download the traffic plan to your phone.

eSIM Compatible Phone Models

  • This product is only suitable for iPhone XR and above mobile phone models. Please pay attention to whether the mobile phone version and model are suitable for this product. If you cannot use it due to unconfirmed, no refund will be given.

  • iPhones sold in China do not support the eSIM function, and some Hong Kong and Macau mobile phones do not support the eSIM function. Please pay attention to where you purchased your mobile phone before placing an order.
  • The calculation method of this scheme starts from the activation time.

How to set up eSIM

Enable eSIM when setting up iPhone:

  1. After entering the "Mobile Network Settings" screen, click "Use Mobile Barcode".
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen.

To enable eSIM after setting up your iPhone, contact your carrier to obtain a mobile barcode, then follow these steps:

  1. Open the "Camera" App and scan the mobile barcode.
  2. When the "Motion Detected" notification appears, tap it.
  3. Tap "Continue" at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click "Join Action Plan".

If you are asked to enter a confirmation code to enable eSIM, please enter the confirmation code provided by your carrier.


  • A QRcode can only be scanned once with a mobile phone, please do not change or delete it after binding.

  • To end the use of the eSIM plan available in the phone, click [Remove mobile plan] at the bottom to remove it.

  • Network usage must be in accordance with the Fair Usage Policy (FUP, FairUsagePolicy). If the traffic surges due to short-term excessive usage, the telecom provider has the right to control it, which will cause a short-term slowdown or disconnection of the network. It is recommended to turn off the automatic update of the App and the automatic playback of videos in the mobile phone.

  • International Fair Use Terms To ensure that all users can use mobile Internet services fairly at any time, each carrier has an individual fair use agreement to regulate fair Internet usage. When a user uses too much data in a short period of time in a busy area of ​​the network, causing other users to be unable to use it normally, the telecommunications company can temporarily limit the speed, and the company will not be able to intervene, and your mobile network may be temporarily affected.

  • The signal may affect the quality of Internet access depending on factors such as location, terrain, building shelter, number of users, and weather. Please be aware.

  • Please remember to turn off the data roaming of the original SIM card to avoid paying high roaming charges due to the use of the mobile network of the original SIM card.

  • When the device is connected to the Internet, go to "Settings" - "Mobile Services" - "Add Mobile Plan/Add eSIM" - "Scan QRCode"

  • From "Settings" - "Mobile Services" - "eSIM (Secondary, Travel, Business)" to enable the "Data Roaming" option

  • Switch settings from "Settings" - "Mobile Services" - "Mobile Data" to eSIM (Secondary, Travel, Business)

  • Switch from 5G to 4G or LTE from "Settings" - "Mobile Services" - "Mobile Data" - "eSIM (Secondary, Travel, Business)" - "Voice and Data"

  • Once the eSIM QRCode is provided, it cannot be refunded regardless of whether it is used or not. Please carefully evaluate before placing an order. The same eSIM can be scanned 5 times with the same mobile phone. If the QRCode has been scanned successfully, the QRCode will become invalid.