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DUO+ Australian Design Smart Dog Leash

DUO+ Australian Design Smart Dog Leash

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"What is the value of safety and convenience to you?" From the makers of the world's smartest multi-purpose leashes comes an innovative multi-purpose dog leash! Great for hiking, running, walking, city and outback! The WRAPTIE™ Duo+ Dog Leash is the only multipurpose leash designed for big dogs, so you can be sure you're ready for anything! ❌Does your dog hurt from pulling too hard? ❌ Want an adjustable leash that is strong enough for big dogs? ❌ Only one strap is needed to do it all! City walks, country hikes, runs? ✔️ Unique multifunctional belt with "Park Mode", "Path Mode" or "Close Control" to change according to your situation. ✔️ DUO+ uses a unique heavy-duty elastic section for perfect shock absorption! ✔️ SUPER STRONG AND DESIGNED FOR LARGE DOGS! ✔️ Includes "Poop Loop", "Quick Grab Handle" for hands-free safety and roll-away self-storage. ✔️ Made from recycled materials, tested and proven in the harsh Australian outback! WRAPTIE™ Dual Core + Dog Leash is a new concept of dog leading product innovation. ✔️ DUO+ MODES - Unlike other leashes, the WRAPTIE™ DUO+ DOG LEASH offers an "Off Control Mode" for complete control, a "Path Mode" for sidewalks or heavy traffic, and expands in an instant to a "Park Mode", a more Long elastic pattern which makes roaming free more comfortable. ✔️Invented, designed and tested in Australia for use around the world. ✔️ Quick Grab End - Extra Strong Opening End Allows To Leash Your Dog When Needed ✔️ Poop Loop - Holds What You Don't Want! SAFE ✔️Combines the strength of high-tension industrial-grade elastic webbing with aerospace-grade aluminum G-hooks to provide a secure, flexible, and extremely comfortable dog leash. QUALITY ✔️ Manufactured with the highest quality and backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty (conditions apply). ✔️ WRAPTIE™ is an Australian company with over 40 years of design and engineering experience ✔️ Corrosion and corrosion resistant CONVENIENT ✔️ Extremely lightweight recycled polyester design ✔️ When you're done using your WRAPTIE™ DUO+ dog leash, simply roll it off. Small enough to stash or hang anywhere you need
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