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韓國 eSIM 促銷專案

韓國 eSIM 促銷專案

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  • The daily high-speed traffic is 1GB/2GB (according to the purchased traffic plan), and the speed will be reduced to 384kbps after exceeding. After exceeding, you can transmit text messages and open web pages. There is no upper limit for traffic usage.


Operator: KT

  • There are multiple options for the number of days, and you can choose the number of days you need according to your travel plan
  • QR Code will be sent by e-mail after purchase, no physical card, don't worry about losing any card
  • Quick and easy to set up, travel in Korea with ease
  • Hotspots can be turned on, and can be shared with travel companions in real time


  • Introduction to eSIM

eSIM (Embedded-SIM), also known as "embedded SIM card" or "virtual SIM card". Unlike traditional network cards that are removable, which need to be inserted into the card slot of the mobile device to be used, eSIM adopts a "virtual" form. Users only need to scan the exclusive QR Code to set up, and the card can be directly inserted into the mobile phone. You don't need to insert another physical card to download the traffic plan to your phone.

eSIM Compatible Phone Models

Japan Network Card|Japan 4-30 days online eSIM

eSIM installation and activation process (iPhone)

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