Collection: Kroop's Outdoor Goggles

About Kroop's
This is the original jockey's goggle used worldwide for horse racing since we invented it in the 1940's. We've crafted them with our proprietary high-clarity, scratch-resistant lenses, stitched edges, and brass fittings.

This is the original jockey goggles used for horse racing worldwide since we invented it in the 1940's. Made with our proprietary high clarity, scratch resistant lens, stitched edging and brass hardware.
Made in the USA.

Product Contents and Specifications/Warranty Information

*This product is a personal product that will come into contact with the mouth and nose of the human body. According to the "Consumer Protection Law", taking out the product after unpacking is deemed to be a trial use, and cannot be returned. We will never resell products used by others to consumers.
The returned product must maintain the integrity of the product body, accessories, gifts, original packaging, etc. If there is damage or traces caused by improper use, it cannot be returned.
Origin: America