Fusion Car Mount Wireless Charger
Product introduction:
The Fusion Wireless Charging Car Mount is the fastest way to charge on the go. Simply place your wireless charger smartphone with holding arms together to charge your phone – no need to fumble with cords or connectors to stay charged. The simplest way of holder to fit any smartphones. It’s easy to charge and go.

• Width : 56~97 (mm)
• Thickness :7~19 (mm)
• Material: PA6 + Glass Fiber
• Temperature: -20~90 degrees C
• Product loading :500 g (Max)
• Input : Micro USB 5V / 2.0A
• Input : 5V / 1.4A (Max)
• Qi 1.2.2 Compatible
• Weight : 130 g
• Dimensions : 75(l) x 75(w) x 100(h)mm
• Transmission Distance : 11 mm (Max)
• Charging Method : Induction coil
• Charging Rate: 73% (Max)

Please check traffic & safety regulation in your country to ensure the lawful use of this or any windshield car mount. In jurisdictions where mounting on windshields is prohibited, follow the instructions below for mounting this device on your dashboard. Read your vehicle owner’s manual for airbag locations & other cautions. Do not mount this device in a manner that could interfere with the deployment of the vehicle’s airbags.