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Need something to un-clutter all the charging cables on your desk? Check out the Fusion Wireless Charger Solution!

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The Fusion Qi wireless charging system made by Fusion. Initially, when I unboxed this device, I was pretty confused as I really didn’t understand what I was suppose to do with all these plates and stuff but that confusing quickly went away when I realized that Fusion had sent me a Qi wireless charging setup for any device, not just for iPhones or iPads.

Qi wireless charging is a wireless charging standard that is based on electromagnetic induction between planar coils. Don’t ask what that actually means but all I know is that with Qi wireless charging technology, I get to charge my devices without wires.

Now this setup is pretty neat because it meant to be mounted. There is a base charging plate that you can install on the bottom of a desk. If you don’t have Qi charging accessory, you can mount the receiver on the top of the surface. They’ve included a bunch of things to mount things with, screws, two-sided stickers.

Now the distance from which the panel will charge things is 11 mm so whatever you’re mounting it under needs to be fairly thin. All the iKea desks at the rented office I sit in were too thick. Now Fusion sent both a receiver and the transmitter. I’ll be honest, the receiver portion is a bit clunky but with the washable sticker on the bottom of the receiver you can essentially turn any device into a Qi enabled device.

I’m going to demo the setup and then elaborate a bit on what Fusion is enabling this technology for visually disabled. For this video, I’ve set the Fusion Qi Charger on this coffee table. I chose to this table because its glass and you can see through it. So the receiver is mounted on the bottom, I’ve got it plugged into a 2 amp charger.
I’ve got an iPhone 5S and 6 here and by placing the receiver over the transmitter, the iPhone starts charging. It’s really nothing spectacular but this setup allows you to really free up the cables on your desk and given that it’s not fitted to any specific device, you’re able to power pretty much anything you want this. The Fusion charging base also works with other Qi enabled devices such as the Dog & Bone Backbone. The Receiver is $69 bucks and you can get the combo for $99 dollars.

For me personally, this setup would be most beneficial for people who constantly use an electronic device for work. For me, I use a lot of cameras so being able to apply one of these to my cameras (if they had a USB connector) and not have to worry about the battery level would save me a few headaches. Batteries dying will I film happens more often than I’d like to admit.

For this entire setup, Fusion has included brail on each of one of the devices so it allows visually impaired people to be able to interact with this device. I think that’s pretty awesome so Kudos to them.

So what do you guys think of this setup? I’d like to know what you think!

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