Fusion IAG (Infrastructure Applications Group) Easy Installation Guide

We offered Easy Installation Guide to help people easy to attach WTU-050 into the furniture and any pubic interior environment.“Establishments clearly want to offer their customers future-proof wireless charging compatible with existing and future devices and we’re listening,” said John Perzow, Vice President of Market Development at WPC. “Imagine being in any hotel, car, airport, restaurant, or sporting event and always having wireless charging within reach? With the launch of the WPC Infrastructure Applications Group, Fusion is working to make that vision of ‘Qi everywhere’ a reality.”


About Fusion
Fusion Company, Found in 2013, A Taiwan base company which offer innovate design energy and spread it for world-wide market. Aim for Taiwan design capital in 2016. Fusion is an innovation company for Global Standard solutions provider , offers a variety of innovations for the smartphone and digital consumer electronics products. With a diverse product portfolio consisting of wireless power charger, life style gadgets as well as other global standard related devices, Fusion products are well distinguished in the marketplace for their superior quality, personal taste, and value added for the customer. The company's success lies in great employees who deliver what customers demand: superior customer service, on time delivery, training, global 2 years warranty, the open box feeling and merchandising schemes in the global markets.

For more information, visit:www.fusion.tw

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About Us

Started in 2006, Fusion is a leading provider of total solutions to the digital home entertainment market. The Fusion brand of cutting-edge technologies incorporates the most dynamic and interactive applications to bring you seamlessly into the era of digital convergence between consumer and IT products.Young, digital and dependable with a fresh innovation – that is the image that Fusion represents.Here at Fusion, we have an ardent vision of the future of our digital entertainment experiences – a complete digital home entertainment system that brings together all your digital media, allowing you to access them wherever in (and even beyond) your home, whenever and however you want. With our strong passion for all things audio-visual, together with solid background in IT; we focus on developing next-generation products driven by customer feedback and needs. Our team continuously strives to listen to our customers, respond to your needs, and improve.In the midst of rapidly-evolving technologies, we feel that we can do more than just ride the trends. We here at Fusion believe in pioneering innovation to boost your digital experience and revolutionize your digital lifestyle. We are a team with young generation, we try to solve people’s life problem from 20 to 21 century. Lots of new and digital stuff come out and phrase out so soon.And we try to create a new solution and try to fix the fear of technology.Special design for aged people, decrease the pain from new technology and build up a real convenient and better quality for life